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Genesis is a leading provider of a variety of Tuner and Radio Frequency (RF) shielding products, including F-Connectors, UFL Connectors and Shield Cans. Choose from F-Connectors, FAKRA connectors, GSK Connectors, IEC Connectors, U. FL Connectors, SMB Connectors and custom shield can solutions.

Common Applications:

Set Top Boxes, Cable Modems, Televisions, PCs

Genesis Connectors

Shielding 16.50mm wide x 16.50mm long, overall height: 3.73mm

P/N: 510-10103-01


» Pairs with shield cover 510-10130-01

Shielding 18.50mm wide x 29.36mm long, overall height: 7.20mm

P/N: 510-10102-01


» Pairs with shield cover 510-10129-01

Shielding 25.40mm wide x 38.10mm long, overall height: 6.13mm

P/N: 510-10099-01


» Pairs with shield cover 510-10126-01

Shielding 26.21mm wide x 26.21mm long, overall height: 2.15mm

P/N: 510-10094-01


» Pairs with shield cover 510-10121-01

Shielding 26.21mm wide x 26.21mm long, overall height: 5.21mm

P/N: 510-10096-01


» Pairs with shield cover 510-10123-01

11 - 15 out of 117 Products